Blog – A Video Game Stay-Cation

Confused by the title? First, let me define what a stay-cation actually means.

Have off of work, or school? Not planning on going anywhere or doing anything in that time? Well, you’re staying home on your vacation then, and not doing a damn thing. In our busy society where there’s ALWAYS a project, always something to do, always somewhere to go, it’s nice to just wake up one day and say “I got nothing to do this whole week.” Unfortunately, if you’re a homeowner like myself, there’s ALWAYS something needs to get done, but that’s par for the course.

I only bring this up because I scheduled a week off this last week in February, and I had nothing planned. Nothing. Sure I bumbled around the house, doing this and that, but for the most part I was excited about all the games I could potentially play and get to. Fortunately for myself, the video game Anthem came out and it affords me a lot of time to get into that one, a game that requires a good portion of your time in order to really enjoy it.

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