Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Review

Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC
Reviewed By: Stojan Jovic

The Star Wars community is nothing but passionate. The stories and the lore surrounding its’ universe are vast, and have a lot of depth. It provides almost endless paths and possibilities for any form of media to explore. Admittedly, within video games it’s hit a few rocky points, most especially with the recent Star Wars Battlefront games. Fans wanted a new story within the universe, and their wants have been answered with a fully single player action adventure game. And man, does it deliver.

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Pistol Whip Review

Developer: Cloudhead Games
Platforms: Oculus Rift and Quest, and Vive

Beat Saber became the quintessential rhythm VR game of this current generation very quickly. With easy to pick up gameplay, limiting graphical detail that allows you to play for long VR sessions without too much sickness, and a great musical soundtrack to keep you moving and almost dancing, it currently holds itself up top as one of the must-haves if you own a VR headset.

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Afterparty Review

Developer: Night School Studio
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Night School Studio, featuring former developers from the defunct-but-now-resurrected Telltale Games, have brought us once again another story-driven side-scrolling adventure akin to a “walk and talk” simulator. I know that’s not necessarily a sub-genre yet, but for the purpose of this review, that’s what we’re going to call it!

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Fall Gaming Survival Guide Podcast Episode

Pat and Stoy sit down and discuss how the fall season is going to wreck their wallets with all the impending releases coming, like Modern Warfare, Outer Worlds, Pokemon, Ghost Recon, Doom Eternal, and MORE. Plan the season accordingly folks! Besides that, they talk about the Tokyo Game Show, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Nintendo’s new gimmick to get gamers off the couch! Pat convinces Stoy to play Greedfall, and both talk about their times playing Borderlands 3 and Gears 5.


Is Video Game Violence a Problem?

Video Game Violence Argument

Unfortunately, here in America, we have fallen victim to another wave of deadly mass shootings, this time two happening in the same weekend; El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH, leaving 32 people dead and over 50 wounded. A senseless tragedy that did not need to happen. 

In the wake of every large mass shooting event, the country grieves and then begins to ask why. Unfortunately this becomes a political debate as opposed to a “humanity” debate, as we continually disagree with ways we can combat gun violence in this country. 

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