Villan Redemption, Hardcore Mecha and Tokyo Mirage Sessions (Podcast Episode)

We start out with a weird trend revolving around soy sauce, but I promise we do talk about video games in this one. Pat, Josh, Dan and Stoy talk about all the recent video game delays, Smash Bros updates, The Witcher Netflix series, and playing games like Last Guardian, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, To The Moon, Hardcore Mecha, Sniper Contracts, Fade to Silence and more! We finish things off with a deep dive of villains; can they be redeemable, and which ones have in the past? We go through Far Cry5, Breath of Fire, Star Wars, Red Dead Redemption, Dragonball Z, and more!

7:22 – News
28:55 – Video Game Releases
37:35 – Dan’s Games: Last Guardian, The Witcher Netflix Series
1:02:00 – Pat’s Games: To The Moon, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, DragonballZ Kakarot
1:21:15 – Stoy’s Games: Castlevania Netflix series, Sniper Contracts, Life is Strange 2, Hardcore Mecha, Beginner’s Guide
1:39:25 – Josh’s Games: MegaMan X6, Tekken 7, Fade to Silence, Judgment
1:52:25 – Villain Redemption Topic