Blog – A Video Game Stay-Cation

Confused by the title? First, let me define what a stay-cation actually means.

Have off of work, or school? Not planning on going anywhere or doing anything in that time? Well, you’re staying home on your vacation then, and not doing a damn thing. In our busy society where there’s ALWAYS a project, always something to do, always somewhere to go, it’s nice to just wake up one day and say “I got nothing to do this whole week.” Unfortunately, if you’re a homeowner like myself, there’s ALWAYS something needs to get done, but that’s par for the course.

I only bring this up because I scheduled a week off this last week in February, and I had nothing planned. Nothing. Sure I bumbled around the house, doing this and that, but for the most part I was excited about all the games I could potentially play and get to. Fortunately for myself, the video game Anthem came out and it affords me a lot of time to get into that one, a game that requires a good portion of your time in order to really enjoy it.

As I look at the large stack of games on my TV stand, unbeaten, I am reminded of one of my general weaknesses is starting projects, but never finishing them. Time always seems to be an enemy to me, and I always feel stressed whenever I come up with projects and goals, and run out of time in accomplishing them.

But let’s be real; I’m not really running out of time. The true enemy here is my brain’s ability to take on too much, with too little time to do them in.

So that’s why stay-cations are some of the best forms of vacations. You wake up and you start to think about all those things you wanted to do, all those things you wanted to accomplish and get after them. In this sense, I’m looking at all these games I haven’t beaten, or logged in quite a few hours in, and tackling them. Because I know once I get back into work, I’ll lose those precious opportunities. I know I won’t be able to tackle all of them, but I can make a significant dent.

Others may feel like I’m wasting my time with this endeavor. “Why would you take a vacation if you plan on sitting on your ass most of the time?” Isn’t that a vacation too? Taking a break from the busy lives we lead, and not having an objective at that current moment (unless you’re playing Assassin’s Creed, or Anthem for instance! Then its’ objective after objective after objective…).

Taking time off from work, and getting paid for it, is a luxury for sure. Some people get more time off than others, and others get them in short bursts. Some can take a lot of time at once, and others can only take a couple days here and there. In the United States a lot of people work and bust their asses day in and day out, and don’t take the vacations they deserve. It shouldn’t be considered taboo to take a mental health vacation, where you don’t do a DAMN THING. Unplug the brain, wind down and let things go. Don’t be ashamed of it. Take what you can get, and own it. Take charge, whatever it is you need to do or want to do.

So far I just passed the halfway mark of my stay-cation, and I’m already stressed…I haven’t tackled my backlog as much as I wanted to. I keep playing Anthem, and glancing over at that stack of games I need to get to. Damn, that stack is still big…Once again, my brain has gone into work mode, and I started doing other things. Dammit, I guess I just can’t escape it…