The Crew 2 Quick Review


The Crew 2 (Quick Review)
PS4, Xbox One, PC

By Stojan Jovic

Watch the trailer and you’ll know exactly what you’re in for; high stakes racing, wild stunts, and holy-shit moments. Sprinkle in some cringe-worthy dialogue by “tough boy racers” and AI rubber banding and you got yourself The Crew 2.

I could end the review there, because that’s what the game really is in a nutshell, but there’s so much more to the game than the flashy cars, wild moments, and the cross country racing. Yes, it takes place in a WAY scaled down version of the United States of America (apparently in this version you can drive from Florida to New York in 10 minutes), but that’s the big appeal to this game; the open racing world. Forza Horizon popularized the open world racer, and The Crew 2 added a big can of Red Bull to the formula.

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Bored with racing cars? Jump in a stunt aircraft through the hilly terrain of New Orleans. Too lame for you? Ride speed boats through the canals of Las Vegas. Ride your Harley Davidson on the Vegas Strip, take your dirt bike through the downtown streets of New York, and race suped up race cars through the flat lands outside of Vegas. It’s that varied. This game promises you won’t get bored. There’s always something new for you to break the funk of standard racing games.

The game can be as simulation as you want; change your vehicles’ settings on the fly before races if your heart so desires, but it is not required in the least. If you’re into the simulation handling like Forza Motorsport and/or Gran Turismo, look away from this one. This is far from that formula, it’s more arcade-like. You can upgrade your vehicles with parts you win through races, saving the money you earn to buy new vehicles and outfits for your racer. With every race you win you earn credits and followers on your “social medias.” The more followers you obtain, the more chances you get at advancing and moving on to bigger and better races with faster and more powerful vehicles. The only problem I had was the crutch in all of these kinds of racing games; AI rubber banding. Basically anyone behind you is always faster by a little bit, but ahead of you and you’re faster. It adds to the competitiveness of racers, but it can make for some real bullshit moments when you’re cruising in first in a Porsche GT3, and you see a Mini Cooper keeping up with you behind you.


That’s where it gets interesting; the crazier your stunts, the more damage you cause, the many short cuts you take (ie. jumping off buildings!) the more followers you get after each race. The game rewards recklessness and abandonment of public safety. Pedestrians try desperately to avoid your vehicle of destruction, but it’s “sooooo super wicked! Imma smash that FOLLOW button!” This is weird for me, because I’m more into clean racers like Forza, but after pushing my comfort level aside, I found a lot of fun in it.

Overall, for the adrenaline junkie in you, this is worth a spin. Out of control moments, big open world racing, variety and craziness is the name of the game in The Crew 2.

Final Rating : Recommended!